Pesaro and its surroundings

The city of Rossini, home of culture and entertainment

Choosing Pesaro for your holidays or break means spending days enriched by many things to do and see.

From a cultural point of view, the city is well-known as the birth town of composer Gioacchino Rossini, whose house can be visited in the city centre and who gave his name to the Municipal Theatre and to the Conservatory, both of which promote numerous festivals focusing on his artistic production.

The medieval heritage of the city is represented by Rocca Costanza, the late 1400s city fortification near the centre, now hosting cultural events including activities from the Rossini Opera Festival and the suggestive Palio dei Bracieri, in the month of July.

A truly gorgeous site is the promenade, recently renovated and returned to its ancient splendour; here you can see Arnoldo Pomodoro’s “La Grande Sfera”, placed on a fountain looking directly onto the sea and warmly dubbed “The Ball” by locals.

The square also features one of the most important examples of Liberty style architecture in Italy, Villino Ruggeri.

The whole area is peppered with bars, restaurants and clubs – some even on the beach – where you can have lunch, dine or enjoy a drink while listening to music by the seaside.


The green heart of the city features two absolutely unmissable historical Villas: Villa Caprile, dating back to 1600, now quarters of the hotel management institute and featuring splendid Italian-style garden terraces with water games, capable of attracting tourists from all over Europe, and Villa Imperiale, a gorgeous Renaissance building which can be visited during the summer by making a reservation.


A curious anecdote about Pesaro?

If you reach Baia Flaminia and walk to the end of the Eastern pier, you can watch the sun rising and setting on the sea, one of the most spectacular experiences you can live on this coast.


A few kilometers from the farm Badia, in the enchanting scenery of the medieval village, Gradara evokes the romantic love story of Paolo and Francesca and their murder by Giovanni. Story immortalized by Dante in the fifth canto of the Inferno.

The Castle is definitely one of the most important, best preserved and most visited in Italy. The penultimate weekend of July you can witness the charming historic reenactment of the castle took place in 1446.


World Heritage Urbino is the pearl of the Italian Renaissance, the birthplace of Raphael and main goal during a holiday in the Marche.

We will lose in a unique atmosphere full of history, churches and palaces of enchanting beauty, starting from the Ducal Palace, which houses inside the beautiful Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, and then continue with the birthplace of Raphael and the various churches and museums.